Water based liquid inks

FlexoColor puts to your disposition a wide range of inks of impression in base waters down, with different series or families of the newest technology for the impression flexo or hollow on:

– All kinds od plates of cardboard, coated or semi coated, kraft, recyclings…

– All the types of paper: bags, tissue, waxed pape, labels…

– On film: polypropylene, polystyrene…

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Series of inks specially indicated to print on corrugated cardboard with papers kraft, test or recycling. The series Ecoflex has an excellent behavior in machine, very good transfer, allows a good speed of impression with a good level of resistance to dry rubbing.

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Series of inks specially indicated to print on corrugated cardboard with papers kraft, test or recycling, even with papers of little weight and plates of littel calibrate. The inks HTflex have a high trasfer to the support which awards an excellent quality of impression with high intensity of color. Thanks to its innovative technology the inks HTflex award an excellent quality of impression even nwith troubled plates with many guitar, working with low pressures not to harm the resistances of the packaging. It has an excellent performance increasing considerably the printed meters, excellent behavior in macine, very good speed of impression, excellent behavior before stops of machine and very good re-dissolubility.

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The family of inks HT is composed by a dozen types of iniks and they complete and specialize the previous series HTflex in exceptional and some extreme situation. This type of inks are specialized in printing on corrugated cardboard, in papers kraft, test or recycled including on cardboard plates of little caliber.

With HT inks you can solve real problems of printing because of conflicting plates with an excellent quality of impression, very intense colors with high speeds of printing, excellent re-disolubility and great behavior in machine, these are inks of great performance minimizing the presure on the plates to avoid printing errors or damage the resistance of the container.

With these type of inks you can print very intense colors, even on plates with crude paper.

If you have some type of work with plates of some dificulty or printing of high intensity  of color, we invite you to try our HT products, you only have to contact us so that our technicians start working to help you reach your printing goals.

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Series of inks specially indicated for printing of great quality, with plane colors or with the four color proces + varnish over-printing, with systems of forced drying on coated or semi-coated papers.

With ALC inks you can obtein works of high quality with great speeds of printingm, excelent behaviour in machine, very good brightness and magnificent resistances to dry rub.

In the family of inks ALC there are different types of formulation in function of the circumstances, necesities of every client and previous study of our tecnic department, we invite you to try our products.

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Series water based liquid inks, specially indicated for the printing of papers tissue, table linen and wrappers of clients.

In this ink family there are different types of inks depending of the caracteristics and requirements of the resistance in different projects.

In FlexoColor we are very woried with the resistances that the ink has to have each ink for the peculiarities of the market, for this reason, they are formulated with the best quality.

They comply with the current regulation, they even comply with the regulation UNE EN 646.

Depending on the necesities of your projects, we invite you to try our products with the supervision of our tecnitians, therefore we can  develop any requirement that you migth have in terms of product requirements.

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Series of inks specially indicated for the printing on every type of papers for the markets of paper bags and wrapping paper.

In this ink family there are different types of inks depending on the qualities, demands or types of machines.

The inks are formulated with the maximum quality, intense and vivid colors, mate and bright finishes, with excelent resistances to satisfy the market´s necesities.

These inks have a great machinability, high speeds of printing and allow manufacturing in line or rewinded.

There are some special colors, goldens, metallics, phosphorescents or fluorescents.

We invite you to try our products and we compromise to work and develop all of your necesities as for the qualities of the inks or there decoration of the products.

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Series of fast dry inksd specially formulated to print over corrugated cardboard with paper kraft, test or recycled, in machines/projects that require very high printing speed, with natural drying.

At the same time, Flexofast inks have high resistances of dry and wet rubbing, this help enhance the qualities of the container, this also allows the manipulation of boxes in line of production including in humid atmospheres.

Flexofast inks allow the superposition of colors avoiding problems of trapping, anchorage, indented, stained…

If you wish for it, we invite you to try Flexofast inks, after a previous study of our technicians to determine which is the ideal type of ink for your project.

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Series of inks, specially formulated for high quality printing on coated or semi coated paper plates, in natural drying machines.

These inks have a very high quality of printing, great resistances, very good level of brightness and good machinability.

Before you start working with this series of inks, it’s fundamental to contact with our technicians to establish the references that best result will offer you.

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Slip Resisting inks

Series of inks specially formulated for the printing over every type of paper or cardboard. The use of these inks allow having a controlled COF         to avoid the sliding of the plates or boxes in the different logistic or industrial processes.

We have different levels of COF or Sliding and we can produce the level that you need, for this reason we invite you to contact with our technicians to determine the characteristics that you need.

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