Here at Flexocolor we are compromised in satisfying every necessity and requirement of our customers with an enormous effort and dedication on the printing techniques, products and materials that the market requires in this moment and in the future.

It is essential to be at the forefront of products, prime materials, processes and techniques to offer the most competitive products to the market.

In Flexocolor we have a department, personal and media to be able to study and produce every issue and we work and collaborate tightly with the most important suppliers in the sector.

In Flexocolor we are constantly studying and investigating. We are always starting new projects of R&D to develop new products.

In this moment we have quite a few projects on going, some in-house and others in collaboration with other businesses and others with help of technologic centers such as Aimplas, Itene or Universidad Politecnica.  

Every project we have on going has a different purpose but there are quite a few focused on developing active and intelligent inks, which are environmentally friendly.

The current environment in the container and packaging industry, requires that every part that is involved in the processes of production, has to be perfectly a lined with the necessities and demands of our clients to satisfy every requirement of the market.

Our compromise is to satisfy every necessity of our clients with cutting edge products, concentrated and certified qualities, delivery terms, technical service and assistance.

In this extremely competitive world the costs are very present and the image of the business is increasingly important, this is why it is important that our products are able to easily assure the optimum quality of the packaging with well-adjusted costs.